Search teams called to assist stranded hiker

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MOUNTAIN rescuers spent four hours helping a walker stranded on Kinder Scout.

The team of 27 Buxton mountain rescue team members assisted a 33-year-old Cambridge man, who called for help when it became clear he was not going to make it off the hill in daylight.

A rescue team spokesman said: “We were able to speak directly to him via his mobile phone, he was well equipped for a day’s walk but not for a night out in near-zero temperatures on Kinder Scout.

“Fortunately he was carrying a GPS device which enabled him to give us a grid reference of his position, on the Old Pennine Way, south of Crowden Head.

“Team personnel and two search and rescue dogs were deployed and the walker was located by a search dog and a team section. He was checked on site by the section and found to be cold, but well.”