Sealed with a kiss as couples mark romantic day of love

Alex Ashford and Sarah Morley.
Alex Ashford and Sarah Morley.
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Love is in the air across Sheffield as couples prepare to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

While some couples are going all out on expensive gifts and romantic meals, for others just saying ‘I love you’ is more than enough to mark Valentine’s Day.

Tasha O'Neill and Danny Arthurs.

Tasha O'Neill and Danny Arthurs.

After 55 years of marriage, great-grandparents Stan and Wendie Turner, from Norton Lees, felt the day was better suited for the younger generation.

Wendie, aged 72, said: “Although it is a lot more for the younger generation, I still like romance.

“We don’t do much. I baked Stan a cake and he has bought me some tulips. It’s nice to keep that little spark.”

Business support worker Darryl Johnson, 57, used to shower his wife, Shaney, with gifts for Valentine’s Day – but after 34 years of marriage the couple are now less romantic.

Alex Macquillin and Millie Corrall.

Alex Macquillin and Millie Corrall.

Darryl, of Richmond, said: “I was always the romantic one and would buy her flowers, but we don’t do anything now.”

His wife Shaney added: “You only really do that sort of thing before you are married. We usually just buy a box of chocolates.

“February is an expensive month – it’s Darryl’s birthday the day after Valentine’s Day and other family members also have their birthday the same month too.”

Sheffield Hallam student Alex Ashford, 23, has planned a romantic meal with girlfriend Sarah Morley, who has travelled from university in Suffolk to celebrate.

Shaney and Darryl Johnson.

Shaney and Darryl Johnson.

The couple, who have been together for two years, have booked a meal at Ego, in the city centre.

Alex said: “It’s just nice to celebrate. We always do presents and cards.

“It started off as really expensive presents but now it’s just more about the gesture.”

Sarah, 22, added: “I think I’ve spent more this year. I’ve got a few surprises planned.”

Stan and Wendie Turner.

Stan and Wendie Turner.

Mum-of-one Tasha O’Neill, of Stannington, will be celebrating her first Valentine’s Day with boyfriend Danny Arthurs, 27, from Wakefield. The 28-year-old said: “We will probably go to Meadowhall to have a wander around the shops and then make a vegan pizza or go out for a meal.

“Our two favourite things are food and television so our celebrations will involve those.

“We do buy cards and will be buying presents too.”

Sheffield Hallam student Millie Corrall, 19, is also preparing to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day with boyfriend of seven months, Alex Macquillin.

The 24-year-old has travelled from his home in Derby to spend a few days with his girlfriend.

Although the couple are planning a meal, they won’t be exchanging gifts.

Millie, who lives in student halls of residence in the city centre, said: “We are going out to Browns for a meal and then maybe onto the Leadmill.

“We both hate cards so won’t be sending them.

“We buy each other things anyway when we see them, so there is no point in just buying something because it’s Valentine’s Day and you have to.”