Seagulls and seaside

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I’ve just seen on TV, for the umpteenth time, people in a seaside town complaining about seagull problems.

Let’s get one thing straight about these so called seagull problems: the gulls live on the sea. End of story.

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Unwelcome feature

Rother Valley Country Park needs a Chinese theme park as much as Ulley Reservoir needed to burst it’s banks when the floods arrived a year or two ago!

Ann Dawson

Put me in prison!

no wonder HM Prison Lindholme has a waiting list when we have prisons that boast en suite, tellies and PlayStations, snooker and pool tables etc, that.

I am now certain it’s us, the hard working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens who are being punished.

Please get me in there.

Tanya Harris, Gleadless

Service is rubbish

take a flask and sandwiches with you if you visit Rotherham or Doncaster and catch the First bus X78.

The service is diabolical.

I waited 50 minutes for a bus to Rotherham and one hour and 20 minutes for a bus back. the service is advertised as every 10 minutes.

Public service? Rubbish. It’s run purely for the drivers’ benefit.

R Dawson, Duke St, S2