Scrapping RDAs was a ‘mistake’

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VETERAN Tory politician Michael Heseltine has admitted the Coalition made a ‘mistake’ in abolishing regional development agencies such as Yorkshire Forward.

Lord Heseltine, who is in charge of allocating the Government’s £1.2 billion regional growth fund, said the RDAs had provided a bridge between localities and Whitehall.

He warned that government ministries are now creating their own ‘empires’ outside London.

Gordon Marsden MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Minister, was quick to respond to Lord Heseltine’s admission over RDAs.

He said: “Even Lord Heseltine, the chair of the oversubscribed regional growth fund, admits the Tory-led Government’s abolition of the RDAs was a mistake.

“They have failed to give the new Local Enterprise Partnerships the resources they need to drive forward economic growth in the regions.”