Scrap Human Rights Act

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In 2003, Home Secretary Charles Clark called for the Human Rights Act to be torn up. Why? The Government lost its appeal to deport Afghan hijackers. It would have been an infringement on their human rights, we were told.

They remain here: 11 years using our national flag as a doormat which is then draped over the coffins of our troops.

May 12, 2007 Home Secretary John Reid called for the HRA to be put in the shredder. Terror suspects use it to get out of jail or fight deportation and people who carry out mass murder get the same rights as petty criminals.

November 27, 2006 a radio broadcast said: “The Government are looking at ways to make the HRA more acceptable to the white British nation”. Blair committed us to the HRA. As a commoner he has no power to sign away rights granted by a monarch (Magna Carta signed in 1215).

D Atkinson, Rotherham