Scottish Power apologise after handing Sheffield woman with huge energy bill

Michelle Kiddy with her correspondence with Scottish Power. Picture: Glenn Ashley/The Star
Michelle Kiddy with her correspondence with Scottish Power. Picture: Glenn Ashley/The Star
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Energy giant Scottish Power has apologised to a Sheffield woman after a three-year battle over a huge energy bill.

Michelle Kiddy, 48, of Park Hill Gardens, Swallownest, said she was left 'stunned' by a £2,000 bill back in January 2014.

Despite having lived in the property for 13 years while averaging a bill of £500 a quarter, Michelle said Scottish Power couldn't provide a 'reasonable explanation'.

Michelle was told by the energy giant her account would be frozen until further investigation but two more payments of £230 which left her in financial difficulty.

The 48-year-old said she was placed on hold for more than 45 minutes each time she called and labelled the company's customer service 'disastrous'.

Michelle said: "We have lived in this house since 2004 and we never had any bills like this before.

"Nothing had changed in the home there was nothing different to explain this. No one helped us and we were left with this to pay.

"We never got any apology from them as promised and all they could do was offer a payment plan. By this time I had completely had enough and set up the plan to which I am still paying now. They even still send me letters asking us to pay the outstanding balance.

"I feel very aggrieved with this and feel I should not be paying for something I have no control over so I would like a full refund of what I have paid to date and I would like the bill to be removed. Its the very least they could do, not to mention the absolutely disastrous customer service I have had to experience from a supposedly professional company.

The Star contacted Scottish Power about the energy bill and responded with an apology. They promised to wipe the rest of the outstanding bill and would give £250 as a gesture of goodwill.

A Scottish Power spokesman said: “We sincerely apologise to Mrs Kiddy for the concern caused. A previous complaint was resolved by the Energy Ombudsman in 2015, which identified that the gas meter was incorrectly recording consumption. We installed a new meter, revised consumption data, and paid £150 in compensation at the time.

“A further detailed review has uncovered that incorrect meter readings were applied to our system when Mrs Kiddy’s account was originally opened. We intend to pay Mrs Kiddy £1,308.63 to cover charges applied, and have agreed to make a further payment of £250 to apologise for the length of time taken to fully resolve the issue.”