Scooter ban a big hassle for over-80s

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THIS month the people in the flats where I live received a letter on health and safety from the Estates Team.

It concerned my neighbours, both in their 80s, and their mobility scooter.

This is kept by permission of the Sheffield Council in the electric room directly opposite their flat door and has been kept there for over 12 years.

Sheffield Homes have now deemed it a health and safety hazard and told them they must park it in the stairwell a floor below.

After all this time incident-free, it is a safety hazard.

This means for two people of their age and not in the best of health a monumental hassle.

I rang Sheffield Homes to voice my opinion.

I spoke to a pleasant young lady and explained they ought to show some sympathy to my neighbours.

She told me she would peak to her manager.

She came down to see my neighbours while I was there, but said her manager would not budge and out comes the scooter.

The service room in which it is kept is large enough for the scooter without it being in the way of anyone who has to work in there.

The scooter having to go to the floor below means running a cable from my neighbour’s flat along the landing to charge the battery, surely a bigger health and safety risk.

They did as asked, having to manoeuvre the scooter out of their flat, round the outside of the building and then in through the bottom door, having to manhandle the scooter into position.

I was there to help them on that occasion. There will not always be someone there.

The scooter had to be fastened to railing with a fastener my neighbour had to buy.

The coming winter will put an unnecessary burden on them. Health and Safety?

Perhaps it is good the council are taking over from Sheffield Homes, we may get people who listen and consider tenants’ problems .

Mac Millard, Longley Hall Rd