Science conference returns to Sheffield Hallam

The 7th annual HIPIMS Conference returns to Sheffield Hallam University this month with more than 120 guests from around the world attending.

The HIPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) conference will be hosted by the University at Cutler’s Hall from 27 - 30 June, and will feature more than 30 talks, 12 posters and 22 exhibiting companies as well as guests from across Europe, the United States, Japan, China and Russia.

This year will see Sheffield Hallam demonstrate their new £1million HIPIMS Cluster Tool, which is used to place extremely thin layers of coating onto materials such as semiconductor wafers, displays, architectural glass, prosthetic joints, turbine blades, automotive engine parts and even space satellite components. HIPIMS technology has been spearheaded by Sheffield Hallam Professor Arutiun Ehiasarian, through the University’s Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI).

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Professor Ehiasarian said: “Working with colleagues from across Europe, we are the leading research centre in HIPIMS technology. The technology employed by our new equipment means that the coatings produced perform much better than conventional pulsed sputtering and we can explore new areas of world-class research.

“The HIPIMS Conference gives us the opportunity to meet with other leading scientists in the field and share expertise and knowledge with new and existing commercial partners.”

The annual conference is a co-venture between Hallam and Frauhofer IST in Germany, with hosting duties rotating each year between Germany and England.

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