Schools first for 20mph limits

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STRICTER 20mph speed limits could be introduced in suburbs around Sheffield - with an investigation into the issue to be carried out by the city council.

A ‘20’s Plenty’ policy is vital if the council is to keep its commitment to keeping children safe on the city’s roads, according to Cabinet member for Environment and Transport Coun Leigh Bramall.

Although 20mph zones could be introduced wherever they are felt to be needed, the first priority will be to look at areas around schools - starting with infant and junior schools.

After that the council will be looking at wider 20mph areas in residential areas across the city, where there is a sensible case for them.

Coun Bramall said: “We want to keep the city’s children safe but we certainly don’t want to cause an unnecessary headache for motorists.

“A lot of the 20’s Plenty ethos is around drivers simply adjusting to their surroundings. This isn’t about slapping a 20mph limit near all housing. It’s just simple common sense – it’s about what works for that road.

“What we want to do is to look at implementing 20mph areas around schools first. I think everyone can agree that driving with caution around schools should be a given.

“We also want to make sure that we make any changes as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. With that in mind we will be looking at how we can deliver 20mph areas via the forthcoming highways private finance initiative contract. This is about delivering a legacy of safety for children in our city.”

The council will present its 20mph strategy later this financial year with a cabinet report due in the autumn.