Schoolgirl injured after hit-and-run with cyclist in Sheffield

Shania is pictured with mum Emma and dad Paul. Picture Chris Etchells
Shania is pictured with mum Emma and dad Paul. Picture Chris Etchells
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A schoolgirl needed surgery after being struck by a cyclist in an apparent hit-and-run in Sheffield.

Nine-year-old Shania Bushell was walking home from school with her dad and younger sister when the cyclist ran into her on Division Street.

She suffered concussion, damage to her front teeth, which required emergency surgery, and cuts to her face.

Mum Emma said the cyclist failed to stop after crashing into Shania and is urging him to contact police.

Emma, aged 43, of south west Sheffield, said Shania has lost all her confidence since the accident at around 4pm on Monday, October 19.

The pupil at Mansel Primary, in Parson Cross, was crossing Division Street, in the city centre, with dad Paul, aged 45, and sister Lucy, six.

Emma said: “Shania is very sensible. She was walking with her dad and Lucy and this bike came out of nowhere.

“The cyclist shouted stop.

“My husband managed to pull Lucy back, but Shania was walking on her own and didn’t hear.

“She sort of did a pirouette and fell down face first on her chin.”

Paul went to a nearby shop to get a first aid kit to treat Shania and her mum rushed her straight to hospital when she arrived home.

She underwent surgery on her front teeth, which had been pushed back into her mouth, but dentists are unsure whether one of the teeth will survive.

Emma, who also has a son, Oliver, three, said: “After it happened she couldn’t laugh. She could just about open her mouth but she wouldn’t let anyone touch her.

“She wouldn’t sleep in her own bedroom.

“She is just starting to smile again and try solid foods.

“She always had 100 per cent attendance at school but hasn’t been able to go back since the accident and has lost all her confidence.”

She added: “I want to raise awareness of what happened.

“If the cyclist had hit Lucy or Oliver then it could have been even worse.

“I want the cyclist to take responsibility for what happened and come forward.

“More cyclists need to think about their speed. I want to try and cut down how many cyclists there are whizzing around – they are not a car or motorbike so can do what they want.

“They are still on the roads and so they have to stick to the same laws.”

The cyclist is described as being in his 40s with blond curly hair and is believed to have been on a mountain bike.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said officers are keen to hear from anyone who witnessed the collision.

Anyone with information should call 101 or email quoting incident number 198 of October 22, 2015.