School vandalism ‘sickens’ teachers

Vandalism at Shortbroook Primary school 5 year old DONIKA in the playground
Vandalism at Shortbroook Primary school 5 year old DONIKA in the playground
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VANDALS have been branded ‘heartless’ for destroying a garden in a Sheffield primary school - upturning flower pots planted by young pupils.

The yobs struck at Shortbrook Primary, Westfield, over the weekend, just days after three windows were smashed at the school and a shed in the playground was damaged.

Teachers and staff are urging anyone with information about the culprits to report them to the police before the school suffers any more damage.

They fear the school has been ‘targeted’.

In the weekend wrecking spree, flower pots were turned upside down and thrown onto the ground, equipment in the playground was overturned and pots containing seeds planted by the pupils were emptied out.

Assistant Headteacher Cathy Hogg said young pupils who had planted seeds and flowers in the garden were devastated at the damage, which was discovered when staff arrived at school yesterday morning.

They were unable to play outside yesterday until a clean-up operation was mounted.

“It certainly appears as though our school has been targeted for some reason, which is really disappointing,” said Ms Hogg.

“Before the damage committed this weekend, two windows were broken the weekend before and in the days in between a dining room window was smashed. A brand new shed was also damaged.

“We had only had it two weeks.”

She added: “What is particularly upsetting about the damage to the garden area is that it is in the nursery area, where it is quite obvious that young children play.

“It is sickening really to think that somebody could do this to such young children who have spent time and effort planting things in the garden and were looking forward to watching them grow.

“They are doing a topic on ‘growing’ at the moment so the children at upset to see what has happened to all their pots after all their hard work, and we are shocked and saddened.

“To do something like this for no reason whatsoever, upsetting the children, needs to be stopped.”

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.