School surveys asking for pupils' country of birth slammed by Sheffield's Lord Scriven

The surveys
The surveys
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Surveys being given out to parents of school children asking the country of birth and nationality of their children have been slammed as 'gutter policy'.

The surveys state: "Dear Parents & Carers,

Lord Scriven

Lord Scriven

"We have been requested by the Department of Education to collect the following information about our pupils. We need to ask every family to please complete the details below and return to school via the Red Box in the envelope provided.

"Child's name - Year Group - Country of Birth - Nationality (as it would appear on a passport).

"Please return by Friday October 30th

"With many thanks for your cooperation"

Former leader of Sheffield Council and current member of the House of Lords Paul Scriven slammed the surveys.

He said: "I hope parents refuse to fill this in and pop it in the recycling bin. This is what happens when immigration policy comes from the gutter."