School praised by firefighters for evacuation

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A SCHOOL has been praised by the county’s fire service for the way a chemical spill was dealt with in a science lab.

Firefighters were called to Brinsworth Comprehensive School, Rotherham, following the spillage of 50 to 100ml of chlorobenzene - a chemical regularly found in school sixth form labs - at 2.15pm on Friday.

With the school due to close for the weekend just minutes after the spillage was reported, an evacuation of the building was ordered and all pupils got out safely and unharmed.

An emergency 50-metre safety cordon was put in place around the affected science lab, while firefighters assessed the risks posed by the chemical, which can be toxic in large quantities.

Station manager Stewart Nicholson said: “The school was very co-operative and the headteacher was extremely helpful. He was very efficient in providing us with information about the chemical and the school layout, and evacuating the building quickly.”

Because the amount of liquid spilled was small, two firefighters were able clean up the chemical and nobody was harmed.