School links up with India

Pupils at a Doncaster secondary school are setting up links with a school in India for the first time.

Hungerhill School, in Edenthorpe, has set up a link with a school in Chennai, formerly known as Madras.

It is the latest link to be set up by the school, which has previously had links set up with schools in Ghana, West Africa.

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A school spokesman said: “Hungerhill has now established a link with Chinmaya Vidyalaya School in Chennai, India.

“The school is situated in the south-west region of India which was formerly known as Madras, and is famous for its food, people and beauty.

“We hope this will provide learning opportunities, in addition to those based on the rich culture of India, for all of our pupils.”

The school says activities have already been started with the Indian school, with pupils from Hungerhill representing the school in a live Skype session, where traditional Indian yoga techniques were demonstrated by India pupils.

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Hungerhill says there are activities planned between the schools over the course of this academic year which would include further live chat sessions, culture based activities, and international visits.

Hungerhill now has an ‘international student group’, consisting of pupils from Years 7 to 11, aged 11 to 16, who will take a role in the creation and promotion of activities with the Ghanaian and Indian projects.

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