School league tables: Sheffield in top two core cities for progress made at secondary school

Secondary school students in Sheffield are making bigger strides at secondary school than their counterparts in all but one of England's other core cities.

Monday, 16th October 2017, 9:50 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 10:46 pm
Secondary schools in Sheffield are outperforming those in all but one of England's other core cities

The Star reported last week how pupils in the city are making slightly better than expected improvement between leaving primary school and taking their GCSEs.

But further analysis of the school league tables published last week shows Sheffield is the 56th best-performing local authority out of more than 150 nationally, and the second best out of England's eight core cities, based on their Progress 8 scores.

Sheffield achieved a score of 0.01 in the key measure, which has replaced raw GCSE grades as the main indicator of a school's success.

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Progress 8 scores are calculated by comparing students' key stage 2 results at the end of primary school with their GCSE grades, to show how much they have improved during that time.

A positive score generally indicates they are making better than average progress, while a negative one suggests the opposite.

Leeds, with 0.06, was the only other core city in England to achieve a positive score.

Birmingham scored exactly zero and Manchester was only slightly in the red, with -0.05. Nottingham's score of -0.33 was the worst of all England's core cities.

The Star last week published a full break-down of how schools in the city had performed.


Birmingham: 0

Bristol: -0.22

Leeds: 0.06

Liverpool: -0.29

Manchester: -0.05

Newcastle: -0.27

Nottingham: -0.33

Sheffield: 0.01

National average (state-funded sector): -0.03