Scheme to boost wildlife in Sheffield

The woodland team at Sheffield Council are embarking on a four year programme of forestry work to plant a range of broadleaf tree species which will benefit wildlife in the region.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 10:36 am
Updated Thursday, 16th January 2020, 10:52 am
Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership in partnership with Sheffield City Council for the Woodland Heart Project.

As part of the Heritage Funded Sheffield Lakeland partnership, the woodland team at Sheffield Council are tackling the legacy of unproductive conifer plantations by clear felling and replanting with species of tree that will result in a richer and more resilient woodland landscape.

Sheffield Council is working with Yorkshire Water and Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust on the project.

Dave Aspinall, Sheffield City Council’s countryside service manager said: “Our woodlands play an extremely important role in Sheffield’s and surrounding areas’ landscape and wildlife. It’s essential that we maintain our woodlands and forests so that they continue to thrive and this includes replacement and restoration with resilient species of trees that can withstand new threats from pests and diseases.

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“We carefully plan works to make sure the right techniques are used so that we keep people safe and enhance our forests and minimise the impact on wildlife.

“These are potentially dangerous operations and the appropriate closures of public rights of way and highways are required to keep the public safe. We ask people to respect and adhere to these while these important works take place.”

The first phase is underway in the Morehall area of the Ewden Valley. Phase two is in the Agden and Dale Dike area above Bradfield.