Sceptical over crime figures but coping with the British weather

Groundsmen tend to the pitch at Bramall Lane after heavy rain during the FA Cup, Fourth Round match at Bramall Lane,
Groundsmen tend to the pitch at Bramall Lane after heavy rain during the FA Cup, Fourth Round match at Bramall Lane,
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The Star’s front page on Monday told that despite a rises in the number of robberies, sexual offences and violent crime Sheffield is still the safest city.

Most readers and website viewers who posted on our Facebook page thought otherwise...

Amy Parkin : Debatable!

Wesley Harrison : coz all citys goin down toilet at same speed

Michael Fogg Funeral Directors: I very much doubt that !

Martin Brammer: Made up numbers by Plod to cover up the reality....

Jo Berresford: Yeah right NOT

Philip Bennett: I think its known as ‘fiddling the figures’

Jamie Hines: Not if there was a stabbing on wessy this week ee aint

Tracy Duncan: Yeah sure

Patricia White: Debatable

Shannon Leigh Turner: If we’re the safest id love to know where’s unsafe. I would never walk outside when it’s dark like I would have when I was younger and my son will never play on the front like I did either!

Pat Barker: How can politicians say that crime is down 10% and lowest for years!!! I just cannot believe how they have the gall!

Beat the downpour

With all the rain we’ve had in soaking wet January we asked if you were fed up with the weather - but you seem to be taking it in your slightly soggy stride...

Craig Skinner: It’s winter, people need to deal with it.

Andy Hobson: Personally i like the rain, after all this is England

Mike Halsey: I was mentioning to fellow dog walkers this morning that it’s just like a British summer, but with gloves required

Matthew Orme: Terrible but we’re English and manage.

Donna Eyre: I think they have got the month wrong, it’s more like April showers and its only January. This weather is not. Good for a lot of people’s health, asthma, chest infections, depression to name a few. Roll on summer plenty of sunshine and hot weather

Jamie Hines: The weather’s like my ex. Cold, damp, n grey

Selena Jayne: Dont bother me if im staying in makes me feel cosy in house with my little boy

Jarrod Jones: It can rain as much as it wants. Get it out of the way before my seven days off from Friday!

Leanne Street: Us British don’t know what a summer is any more

Kathy Hague: Think I might start building an ark

Tragic death

Sheffield pensioner Sidney Nicholson who spent his days walking his beloved dog tragically died with his pet by his side when they were hit by a car as he made his way to visit his wife in a nursing home.

Bethany Riley: So sad x

Katie Muscroft: Was very sad to hear, so close to Christmas. I always spare a thought for Sidney and his dog Paddy as I walk regularly that way, may they both be at peace

Rosalind Hoyle: Aww bless them both so sad

Leanne Tinker: I went past that accident on the bus just after it happened so sad xx

Clare Carter Snaith: Aww that’s so sad, RIP together as you always were in life x

Sarah Ann Corbridge: How sad

Snowqueen L Price: Sadness them both to God bless you both sidneyxpaddy rip to XXXX