Scaring us into accepting our fate

Whenever the pro-Europe politicians and their powerful allies try to scare us into accepting our fate, I can't help thinking about the Titanic disaster. The powers on that ship told the working class passengers to stay where they were on the lower decks while the rich and powerful shared out the lifeboats.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 12:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 12:51 pm

I know that some of the upper classes were courageous and that a few of the penned-in victims believed that the captain must know best, but this time there are enough lifeboats for all of us and we must grab the chance if we are to survive as a nation.

Captain Dave says ‘trust me.’ He doesn’t have to compete for jobs, housing and services that are prioritised for immigrants. He just looks forward to awards and rewards. Corbyn says ‘Trust me’ as he backtracks on his long-standing beliefs in order to soothe the Blairites. Like many Labour politicians who end up in the high ranks of the establishment, he seems to exchange his principles for power at the drop of a hat.

‘Russia might attack us,’ they say. Grow up. Even if this Orwellian fantasy were true we would remain as members of NATO. ‘Isis might attack us,’ they say. That seems more reason to take charge of our borders.

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‘What about jobs?’ they say, as British companies recruit their workforce from abroad. ‘It’s racist to want to leave,’ some say. How can wanting to trade with the entire world be racist? Is the Australian points system racist?

We gave up independent trade with the Commonwealth countries when we were tricked into thinking that the, then, small, EU was going to be a trading bloc and not a political master who would suck millions out of our economy.’

Brits living abroad are told that they must vote to stay in, in order to secure their own future. In fact, all existing protection will be given to the foreign nationals who are already living in this country and this will, almost certainly, be reciprocated by the other European countries. Indeed, it may be in the ex-pats’ best interest to vote for a safe haven back at home for when the overburdened EU totally collapses under its own, open-door policy, and its economic malpractices.

Admiral Obama says we must back Captain Cameron and stay in this corrupt and failing club, yet who can forget how another President led his poodle into Iraq. Yes it does remind me of the Titanic especially when I see another great iceberg on the horizon.

Turkey’s on the way, and to quote yet another American President, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet.’

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