Scaffolding tours of Doncaster Minster as part of St Leger Festival 2014

2 Dec 2013....Doncaster Minster Picture Scott Merrylees SM1001/40a
2 Dec 2013....Doncaster Minster Picture Scott Merrylees SM1001/40a
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There will be an unusual opportunity for the public to gain access to the external upper levels of Doncaster Minster via the North Transept scaffolding on Saturday September 13.

Small groups of people will be taken up to enjoy the view as part of the St Leger Festival 2014. Get your cameras ready!

The tours will be led by members of the professional construction team from Norman and Underwood, who have been the contractors working on the restoration of the North Transept of the church.

Members of the public will be provided with hard hats and hi-visibility jackets but will need to wear sturdy, sensible footwear to be able to join the tour.

Young people over the age of 14 will be able to take part but only if accompanied by an adult.

A donation of £20 towards the Minster restoration fund is requested from each person.

Each tour participant will be required to complete and sign a form to meet Health and Safety requirements.

For more information visit the Minster website