Saving the jobs for those boys

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it’s hard to believe that two thirds of the electorate voted ‘No’ in the AV referendum. Such a system could do little harm (to the electorate, that is) but would certainly be a step in the right direction of greater democracy.

The first-past-the-post system is fine when there are only two candidates, but when there are three or more it is democratically, logically and mathematically wholly inappropriate.

Political parties use the AV system when choosing their leaders if, as is usually the case, there are more than two candidates. And yet most Conservatives and many Labour politicians say that first-past-the-post should be retained when electing MPs in a General Election...a strong indication of their desire to hang on to ‘safe seats’ and ‘jobs for life’.

It is possible that the majority of No voters wanted an even more democratic PR system but this is improbable. A more likely reason for a vote against AV is a knee-jerk acceptance of the disinformation put out by the No campaigners and media.

Michael Webster, Belmonte Gardens, S2