Saving our historic baths

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Re: The Star report, Listed Status Saves Baths (Feb 7).

As a regular enthusiastic swimmer (over 30 years) and leisure centre user at St James Baths, Doncaster. I am elated that Ray Nortrop has achieved a successful outcome with to safeguard them from demolition, which would have been inevitable.

Thankfully, Mayor Peter Davies recognised the value of saving our heritage. But it would be good to know how an ordinary member of the public was able to win Grade II listed status for the baths, rather than Doncaster Civic Trust, who should have had a matter like this sorted in the late 80s, when the building was then at risk, especially as it is now confirmed as of national importance and special interest.

This will surely mean that baths employees will keep their jobs. There is no reason that listing should interfere with its commercial viability ?

This has kicked off a campaign to save the town’s historical buildings. The question now is which are these likely to be?

Tony McCready, Doncaster

Labour’s claim ‘simply false’

The Labour Cabinet member’s comments on how they will be rolling out new ‘spy cars’ cannot go without challenge (Feb 6).

To claim that Labour’s policy of fitting cars with cameras to drive around Sheffield handing out tickets is ‘not new’ is simply false. It is nothing like the existing policy of having a limited number of clearly signed fixed cameras on some bus gates.

When we ran the council officers came to us with exactly the same proposal. We rejected it for a number of reasons, but mainly because we believed the policy was unfair and had many potential pitfalls. In one London borough alone these cars handed out 18,000 tickets incorrectly before they were taken off the streets.

The sole intention appears to be ensuring those motorists who move away when they see a traffic warden receive a fine. There is no evidence that this will ease congestion. We don’t oppose penalising those who flout the rules, but action should be based on addressing traffic issues rather than making money.

Coun Ian Auckland, Lib Dem Cabinet transport spokesman