Save our facades

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I was pleased to read Vin Malone’s letter regarding the retail development area proposals.

Like others the references to preserving ‘facades’ is worrying.

Check out the former Mount Zion Chapel and the rest of the development. Look at the Water Company Offices and the intended NUM offices.

Cambridge Street and the immediate area have had a mini revival in respect of Henry’s, the Sportsman and the Yorkshireman’s Arms.

Leah’s Yard has been purchased by the council from Hammerson. One wonders what sort of condition it’s in. Nevertheless the council deserves credit and for also appointing another conservation officer.

Vin talks about the Cutler’s Arm’s stone in the wall of Cambridge Street being restored. How? I wonder. It’s fixed in a wall that was/is the town dwelling of feral cats.

Who is taking responsibility for this and other precious artefacts such as the Cutlers Stone in Hollis Croft?

The Cutler’s Company used to preserve such relics in their hall, can they not take a hand now in partnership with the council?

The recent proposal to preserve the Castle Market sign (supported) and yet lose the lintel date stone of probably the oldest house in the Wicker (1829) shows the need for a conservation strategy.

It also shows that councillors and groups concerned with the first essential in a City of Culture, its heritage, need to get their act together or risk being ‘facades’ themselves.

Ron Clayton