Sauna boss pays £1.4m

The Omega Sauna , on Attercliffe Road, Sheffield
The Omega Sauna , on Attercliffe Road, Sheffield
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A BROTHEL boss jailed for tax fraud has been ordered to hand over £1.4million to the authorities after an investigation revealed he had further assets.

Edward Kirby-Dorsey, 76, and his co-accused John Barrett, 63, made hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Omega sauna in Attercliffe and Winston’s Health Club in Leeds but failed to pay tax on the cash-only businesses.

Police raided the premises as part of Operation Rampart in 2004, made 13 arrests and rounded up 45 illegal immigrants suspected of working as prostitutes.

But they were unable to prosecute the men for conspiring to live off immoral earnings after a judge ruled police knew sex was for sale but turned a blind eye.

Barrett was jailed for a year and ordered to pay £350,000 and Kirby-Dorsey was jailed for 15 months and had to pay £500,000.

But South Yorkshire Police knew Kirby-Dorsey had other assets and called in the Serious Organised Crime Agency which brought a civil action against him.

Further bank accounts and Kirby-Dorsey’s home in Clumber Road, Sandygate, Sheffield, were seized totalling another £929,000 on top of £500,000 he paid back last year - making a total of £1.4m.

Graham Wragg from South Yorkshire Police’s Economic Crime Unit, said: “This is an excellent example of making full use of the Proceeds of Crime Act in order to deprive criminals of the gains of their criminality, proving crime does not pay.”

Police found £270,750 in safes buried under Barrett’s garage floor and £105,060 in a bank.