Saucy opera featuring sex workers on its way to Sheffield

A saucy opera featuring sex workers is on its way to a theatre in Sheffield.
The cast of Sex Worker's Opera.The cast of Sex Worker's Opera.
The cast of Sex Worker's Opera.

The Sex Worker's Opera will tour the UK for the first time this autumn and will be stopping off at the Theatre Delicatessen on The Moor for a three night run.

Half of the cast featured in the show are described as being sex workers from 17 countries across five continents.

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The provocative show is described as giving a platform for sex workers who are 'tired of being spoken for and can finally tell their own stories on their own terms.'

The audience can expect to see a performance combining opera with hip-hop to showcase an unflinchingly honest human insight into the lives of sex workers around the world.

Stories included range from a street worker giving marital advice to a webcam model and her ventriloquist dummy and a daughter making career choices in a male-dominated world.

Co-director Siobhan Knox said: "Art and the media portray sex work in a very one dimensional way, it is either extremely glamorous or extremely tragic, and one of the messages of the show is that sex work is human, it is not good or bad it's just complex."

The show will be performed from November 9 to 11 at 7.30pm. Tickets are between £10 and £14. Visit