Saturday night in Liverpool

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Can I through your paper make an apology to a group of people from Sheffield who were in the Greenroom on Saturday night?

I was there with my wife and daughter and friends, and we were enjoying the cabaret. The music was great and lots of people were dancing, my daughter and her friends as well, when this man came over and started to dance with her and her friends. They took no notice of him and he went away.

A couple minutes later he did the same thing. This happened a few more times. Eventually I went over to this man and asked him to stop annoying my daughter and her friends. There wasn’t any fighting or anything like that but I was a bit stern with him.

A few minutes later a lady came over to our table and apologised to me.

I suppose you could say I was being a bit over-protective to my daughter but I was just a bit worried about her.

My wife and daughter told me I was out of order and on reflection they were right.

So I would like to say to that family from Sheffield, I am sorry for my actions. I hope it did not spoil your evening.

John Mutch

by email