Santander pays for error

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SANTANDER struggles to keep account holders happy, but it has managed to make a non-customer very pleased indeed.

Anne Anderson was wooed by its ISA rate, but their relationship was nipped in the bud when her application vanished.

She was told it had been approved but then she was told ID was required. She sent copies, but a week later she was told her application had been ‘abandoned’.

Bad enough, but then the bank sent five letters including a cashcard, PIN, online banking passcode and registration.

Anne, aged 32, of Queen Street, Chesterfield, said: “I wouldn’t trust them with my money now.”

SANTANDER has apologised and sent £50 plus £16 in interest.

Director Steve Williams said it was an admin error, and that problems were getting fewer after 1,000 customer service posts had been filled.

A survey of 12,000 people put Santander top for problems for the second year.