Santa’s workshop entertains the polar bears

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IT’S time for Santa’s annual North Pole Christmas Show!

Every year, everyone from Santa’s workshop puts on a Christmas show for all our friends in the North Pole.

Polar bears, penguins and seals come from miles around to watch our Christmas Nativity.

This year I picked Bingham to play Joseph and Dolly to play Mary.

We held the show where we always do, outside near the reindeers’ stables, and by 7pm hundreds of animals had arrived and settled down to watch.

Well, things went wrong almost straight away, when Bingham kept calling Dolly ‘Dolly’ instead of Mary!

Then Dolly forgot they were meant to be heading to Bethlehem and told the audience they were heading for Sheffield! Rudolph, who was playing the Donkey, couldn’t stop laughing!

My head elf Avery, who was playing the inn-keeper, decided to play along and instead of an inn, he told them they could spend the night in Meadowhall!

It all got a bit silly then, and instead of gold, frankincence and myrrh, the three wise men brought some slipper socks from Accessorise, some bubble bath from Body Shop and a box of Millie’s cookies!

The audience loved it though and laughed and laughed until the cast took their final bow.

Dearie me, boys and girls, can you believe there are only two sleeps to go?

Have a lovely Christmas Eve tomorrow!

Love, Santa x