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Santa's Blog: Watch out for more from Santa on the build up to Christmas in The Star and on-line at
Santa's Blog: Watch out for more from Santa on the build up to Christmas in The Star and on-line at
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WELL, after months of toy-making, Santa’s workshop has got a bit messy.

Something you may not know about elves, boys and girls, they’re an untidy bunch! Mrs Claus got quite cross about it yesterday and told everyone we needed a big tidy-up. Of course, in the North Pole, even cleaning is fun! The elves split into two teams and the race was on to see who could clean their side of the workshop fastest. But the job must be done properly Mrs Claus insisted, a twinkle in her eye, and she would be the judge. I jingled a bell to start the race and away they went!

Now, one truly magical thing I should mention to you about elves is that their clothes never ever get dirty and I had to chuckle as one cheeky chap named Ollie slid along the tabletops, using his shirt as a duster. He flew off the end, covered in smudges, and winked at Mrs Claus as the marks disappeared in front of her eyes. How she laughed!

When they were done, the elves lined up and waited patiently as Mrs Claus inspected the room carefully. Finally, she turned around, a big smile on her face and clicked her fingers. Freshly-baked chocolate-chip cookies and pots of tea appeared.

“You’re all winners, you did a wonderful job,” she smiled, her pink cheeks glowing. “Now let’s have tea and cookies to celebrate.”

There’s never a dull day in the North Pole. You could try the same thing at home with your brothers and sisters. My elves love turning chores into games! Until next time, be good. See you in 18 sleeps.

Santa X


Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas to all the lovely children of South Yorkshire. Some of you will know me as Father Christmas. To others I may be Kris Kringle, or Saint Nicholas. You can simply call me ‘Santa.’

I live in a place that is in no place at all, a magical realm of the North Pole where it always snows, where reindeers fly and we drink hot chocolate for breakfast every day.

The countdown to Christmas starts much earlier for us than it does for you. My elves and I spend all year making sure there’ll be enough toys and gifts to fill my magical sleigh on Christmas Eve. December is always the most eventful month in Santa’s factory and you wouldn’t believe some of the stories if I told you! Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

That’s right, I may be hundreds of years old, but I’m hipper than you realise. I know all about Big Brother and have even watched a few episodes of I’m A Celebrity - my elves love it!

I know people enjoy a behind-the-scenes glimpse, so this year I’m going to keep in touch and let you know how the elves, Mrs Claus and I are getting on as we count down to December 25.

There’s always plenty of excitement - and an occasional disaster too! - but a pinch of magical reindeer dust and a wiggle of my nose is usually enough to put things right.

My friends at The Star are going to print my stories for you all so, until next time my wee ones, be good.

I’ll see you all in 22 sleeps...

Love, Santa x