Samaritans offer support to students hit by stress

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SHEFFIELD Samaritans are offering round the clock help for young people affected by August exam stress.

City volunteers say nearly one in six of their calls at this time of year is related to anxiety over exam results and young people’s future prospects.

A recent survey by Samaritans and YouGov found that exams and the pressure to achieve high marks are one of the biggest worries for nearly a third of young people.

This year the pressure has been greater due to an intensive scramble for places at universities before the fees go up next year.

Julia, a Samaritan volunteer and also a mum of a teenage daughter said:  “Exams results are really a really stressful time for teenagers, even though what’s done is done.

“It’s been harder getting into uni and there aren’t many jobs out there for youngsters who don’t get in.

“Parents do try to help by reminding their teens ‘you’ve tried your best and even if you don’t get in, it’s not the end of the world, even if it might feel like the worst thing that’s ever happened’.

“But it you’re feeling disappointed, managing these feelings can seem impossible especially if in the midst of it all you feel like you have to deal with everything alone. “Talking about how you feel can help you gain perspective, feel more in control and find solutions to your problems.”

n People can contact Samaritans by phone on 0114 276 7277, email or face to face at 272 Queens Road, Sheffield S2 4DL.