Sam prepares for her double mastectomy

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Sam Turner, of Mosborough, who survived cancer and will have a double mastectomy in July, is writing a weekly diary for The Star. Here is her second instalment:

“Countdown has started – I’m trying to get organised now before I go in to hospital for the operation. I am thinking about what meals I can cook in advance and put in the freezer and making sure all non-fresh food shopping is done.

“Although Lee, my partner, is more than capable, I feel I should do as much as I can to take the pressure off him while I’m in and for when I come out and he feels he should look after me.

“I had a real boost at the start of the week when someone who had read this column found me and contacted me on Facebook to offer support. She is someone else who has just gone through the op without reconstruction.

“Although the main reason I’m writing this is to help others, it was lovely to hear from someone who had just been through it themselves.

“I’ve been talking to my daughter Emma about me being in hospital and we started to draw up a plan when she can visit and where she wants to go after school or where she wants to have sleepovers.”