Salute to the steel women

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AS the permanent Sheffield tribute to the Women of Steel moves closer, it’s a good time to reflect on the amazing contribution they made to the war effort.

While the men were off fighting, it was the women back home who kept up the steel industry.

They worked long, hard hours and were not well-paid for their efforts.

It was dangerous and vital work and up until recently they have received very little recognition for it.

Thankfully, that is now being put right with this marvellous statue.

Sheffield played a crucial part in the war, largely due to the efforts and bravery of these women.

Now this city gets ready to honour the surviving Women of Steel and the memories of those no longer with us.

Questions over schools closure

DURING the past four years parents have had an emotional time trying to prevent the closing of their schools.

The opening of Forge Valley school was covered in controversy as parents failed to accept the need for Wisewood and Myers Grove to close.

In fairness, Forge Valley has been a success. The teaching team have done a fantastic job in setting up the school, creating an impressive environment for learning and are seeing that wok translated through results.

Now it appears that the calculations on which the decision to close and merge was taken was flawed.

Politicians from Labour and the Lib Dems, for once are in agreement. They both say the decision was taken on available statistics about population numbers. So how, just four years later, were those figures so out of kilter?

We have some of the most sophisticated market research at our finger tips that monitor trends. Births haven’t suddenly begun to rise.

Questions remain about whether the original decision to close was therefore taken because of the lure of cash to rebuild schools.

But that decision has been taken. A need has been identified and now the council needs to ensure it finds the money to build new schools to feed into what is a successful Forge Valley and to build new secondary schools.

Test your marriage

THIS week new couples and those in longer relationships will celebrate Valentine’s Day.

But it is also a chance to take a check on how good a relationship you have. So why not do your own MOT on your marriage to see how it can be improved.