Safety worry for youth placements

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A DAD who raised concerns about workplace safety for youngsters on new government training schemes said he is ‘disappointed’ by the response.

Richard Cain, of Lodge Moor, lost his son Derek in a workplace accident while on a placement in the 1980s. Mr Cain subsequently campaigned for more attention to be paid to the wellbeing of young people on traineeships.

He has written to his MP, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, voicing concerns about posts created by the new £1 billion Youth Contracts scheme launched by Mr Clegg, who has forwarded Mr Cain’s concerns to employment minister Chris Grayling.

In reply, Mr Grayling gave assurances that companies would be obliged to ensure premises are safe, and that young people will be able to report concerns to Job Centre staff handling placements.

But Mr Cain said: “I’m disappointed - there will be no routine inspections of premises to make sure they are complying with the law. It should not be left to young people to report concerns because they won’t want to jeopardise their positions.”