Safety warning after phone charger starts fire

Fires in South Yorkshire
Fires in South Yorkshire
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Residents in South Yorkshire have been reminded not to leave mobiles charging up overnight after a phone adapter sparked a blaze in Sheffield.

The fire broke out in a bedroom at a first-floor maisonette on Edmund Close in Bradway at around 6.25pm yesterday.

Three fire engines went to the scene from Lowedges and Central fire stations.

Crew manager David Shepherd, from Lowedges’ green watch, said the fire appeared to have been caused by a phone charger which overheated.

A mum and her young son living at the property were safely outside by the time firefighters arrived.

Mr Shepherd said: “The fire was contained to one room, but it left the bedroom completely gutted and badly damaged by fire and smoke.”

He said the fire was extinguished within 10 minutes, but added: “Make sure you do not leave chargers unattended, especially overnight.

“Obviously you can’t sit and watch them all the time, but certainly don’t leave a property while something is charging up, because they can overheat.”

A faulty charger was blamed for a fatal fire which killed five members of the same family at a house on Wake Road, Sharrow, in April.