Safety course for scooters

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SEVENTEEN mobility scooter riders have been killed or injured on South Yorkshire’s roads, police have revealed.

There have 28 collisions recorded over the last five years, but police believe ‘many more incidents go unreported’.

The figures were disclosed on the day mobility scooter safety sessions were offered free of charge - aimed at reducing the number of riders involved in incidents on the roads.

South Yorkshire Police has developed a Scooter Safe course to teach mobility scooter users about the legal requirements of owning and using a scooter and the skills required to drive their machines safely.

The course involves a mix of theory and hands on sessions with participants able to navigate around a series of obstacle courses.

PC Mick Hedges said: “Scooter Safe is a two hour workshop for mobility scooter users of all ages.

“The aim is to help residents with mobility issues to maintain their independence while enhancing their safety and confidence.”

The course will be run at the Lifewise Centre in Hellaby, Rotherham.

Anyone interested should call South Yorkshire Police on 01709 832 455 or email