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Has anyone in the council thought how the proposed fortnightly collection of black bins may concern the hundreds of people who share their bins? I think the answer is no.

I live in a block of nine flats. A few years ago, when we lost our individual bins, we accepted the larger black wheelie bins, which are emptied weekly.

They get full every week and share three blue bins, all of which are in a small bin room, inside our block of flats. Although we do our best to keep them clean, especially in the summer months, sometimes the smell is pretty bad – and some poor soul lives alongside the bin room.

If the bins are emptied fortnightly this would be like putting 18 households’ waste in the same three bins and the waste would be overflowing every fortnight, or the bins too heavy to move for the poor bin men.

Our estate has a concession where bins are still collected by bin men, who sometimes have to negotiate steps.

I understand the council’s point of view over costs and savings, but what cost is put on public health and workers’ safety?

Our council should think long and hard before making any rash decisions over our bin collection.

R Swain, Longley Hall Road

Our collection day is Monday, so when we get two Bank Holiday Mondays together we will be without a collection for a month.

I pay for 52 collections a year, so can I have a reduction in my council tax if I only have 26 collections?

Maybe if all the rent and council tax arrears were collected, perhaps we could have weekly collections.

Rodger Welburn, S 20

axing weekly bin collections and saving the council more £2 million a year should be more than enough to supplement free tea and biscuits at council meetings.

EB Warris, Raeburn Place, S14