Sad, if you get my drift

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AM I the only one who was disappointed by the alleged ‘heavy snowfall’ we had last Saturday?

I’d set aside some time on Sunday morning for serious snowman-building, picked out a snow outfit complete with scarf, gloves, earmuffs and thick woolen socks and recorded some things to watch on Sky Planner the following Monday when were all too snowed in to go to work.

When the first flurries began at 1pm that day I was practically giddy.

When it really started to come down around 6pm I was already picking out plots for snow angels.

Then it stopped. As if someone had thrown a switch on the weather. It just... stopped.

‘Maybe,’ I thought ‘It’ll come down through the night and we’ll wake up to a winter wonderland.’

The next morning there was only a thin layer of frost on my car windscreen.