Sad fact is that Chansiri has priced us out of game

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I’m sure you’ve been inundated with emails by Owls fans demoralised by the ticket price rises.

As a season ticket holder for around 10 years I can only express my deep sadness that my club under the chairmanship of Mr Chansiri has priced many of my friends and family out of going to Hillsborough.

Special days, which are treasured by people across the region are now simply out of bounds. Days with my dad and friends are now gone. Only a select few will attend.

Many clubs understand the need to look after their loyal fan-base and price tickets fairly – many of the most successful clubs in the world do so.

Respecting fans and not exploiting their special relationship with their club is fundamental to achieving long-term, sustainable success.

With this, Mr Chansiri has massively overlooked the demographic of the club’s fan-base.

A predominately working class city in a working class region simply cannot afford the prices outlined.

At a time when such optimism was in the air the club have really missed a trick in getting fans on board. I feel angry and upset.

Mr Hesketh

Saddened S6 Owl