Sad day for football

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All football supporters, especially both ends of the city of Sheffield, should be rejoicing at the fact that the net is at last closing in on the corrupt FIFA organisation which is headed by Mr Untouchable, Sepp Blatter.

Some of those arrested were Blatter’s closest FIFA allies and the sums of money involved are staggering.

Many more people are in the frame regarding corruption and money laundering and also in regard to the awarding of World Cups to Russia and Qatar.

Everyone had an idea what was going on but kept quiet, but then at last the USA has finally blown the whistle on these scandal- strewn, disgraced and disreputable officials of the football world’s ’s leading body.

Blatter has worked at FIFA since 1975 and been its president since 1998, since whenit has become one of the most infamous and scandal-strewn official bodies in the world.

Of course Blatter comes out with the old cliche “nothing to do with me, guv”.

Of course it hasn’t, we all believe you Sepp.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74