Rustlings Road trees – we need them!

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Eleven mature trees on Rustlings Road are scheduled for felling by Amey on June 8, because of minor misalignment of the kerb and minor disruption of the pavement.

Trees contribute the most to local climate regulation, flood prevention, air cleansing, noise reduction, provision of habitat to wildlife and to our health and well being; when at their maximum dimensions.

These mature, heritage trees on Rustlings Road, which form a graceful natural boundary to Endcliffe Park, fit into this category and we need them now in their present state, more than ever before, for the above reasons.

Young saplings do not provide the services that these big old trees provide and in no way can they be deemed a ‘replacement’.

We are very lucky in Sheffield, to have the mature tree population that we do – that other forward-thinking cities are now striving to emulate.

Nature is not flat or smooth and we need to find ways of managing Sheffield’s Highways in a manner that accommodates the natural shape of these trees, in order to retain the valuable services that they provide.

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