Rustling trees

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It’s ironic isn’t it that the city council will stop the rustling of our trees by rustling them. A term more usually applied to the stealing of sheep or cattle could be appropriate for Sheffield’s trees.

The city council and its logging contractors will arrive without warning and steal the very essence of our streets. The timber will be sawn up and sold to the highest bidder, just like the South American rain forests, and our precious green infrastructure will be left barren and less able to cope with the pollution and wildlife of our modern environment forever, just like the South American rain forests.

We want our grandchildren to live in a green city, one that cares about the environment both locally and nationally, not one where the rustling is taken out of Rustlings Road, and where the Arbour is taken out of Arbourthorne.

Let’s see some joined up, creative and strategic thinking from the city council and let’s take a broader view across the city’s vast estate management responsibilities. Is there someone there who is brave enough to grasp the nettle, who can vary a few contracts and rewrite some specifications, and act democratically for the good of all of us?

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Pat & Jill Doherty

Rustling Villas, Rustlings Road