Rushing through academy plans

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I SUPPORT the views expressed by Mary Seneviratne and Coun Sangar (June 23) about the way the governors and headteacher of Tapton School are rushing through the process to become an academy and failed to carry out proper consultation.

Becoming an academy is not a minor decision about funding. It is a significant step which will have an impact on admissions, relations with other schools, the local community, the pay and conditions of teachers and education in the city as a whole.

The school seems to say that nothing much will change and that this is a decision about increased funding for next year. This is an extremely short sighted view.

Those who control the school in future will be able to make fundamental and detrimental changes with no guarantee the funding advantage, which is at the expense of other schools, will last.

In particular, I worry that the collaborative relationship between secondary schools in the south west, which has benefited all children in the area, may deteriorate into one of damaging competition.

A change of this significance should be the subject of an open debate with full information culminating in a ballot of Tapton parents and those of feeder schools.

Instead there has been a highly controlled process with no room for opposing views and no involvement of governors and parents of local primary schools. This does not bode well for future involvement of the local community.

I urge the governors to delay their decision and undertake full consultation and a proper ballot.

Coun Geoff Smith, Crookes

Remembering 80 years ago

READING your letter about Daniel Doncasters and the nearby kiln took me back to 80 years ago. I was born at No 32 Ellis Street, opposite Doncaster’s gates. Many were the times I took my doll to look at the furnace and watch the workmen rolling the steel. Very happy memories!

I also remember St Philip’s School, in Hoyle Street and the playground with swings.

E Hill (née Suckley), Harvey Clough Road, S8