Running scared?

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Labour leadership contenders Burnham, Cooper and Kendall are continuing with their attempted assassination of likely winner Corbyn, now with the help of two other Tories in disguise, Blair and Brown.

Look at the facts. Labour have lost the last two elections even though they were prepared to dance to the same tune as the real Tories, bankers and bosses.

These ‘numpties’ keep harping on about how Corbyn is non- electable? What does that mean for Andy Burnham, Mrs Ed Balls, (Yvette Cooper) and Liz Kendall, (actor/comic Greg Davis’s partner), who have all lost elections. Are they electable with the same old Tory philosophy that they shamefacedly spout? It would appear not.

“If it ain’t broke don’t try to mend it!” Yet the Labour Party is certainly broke by the very fact that every one of its MPs, except one, voted with the Tories, or abstained, to ensure the Tories austerity package was voted through which is all aimed against the working classes. Guess which MP voted against?

Whether Corbyn is unelectable or not time will tell and I would suggest anyone would be better than any of Blair and Mandelson disciples. I would also suggest Labour certainly requires mending and will never get back in government until it gets Scottish Labour MPs elected and back on board.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 9LY