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News: Latest from The Star.
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A SOUTH Yorkshire woman whose partner suffered a detached retina is to run the London Marathon to raise money for eye research.

Judith Hygate, aged 49, of Elsescar, Barnsley, is running the 
26-mile race for the Fight for Sight charity.

The Wombwell Running Club member said: “I realised the importance of eye research after my partner, Paul Kippax, suffered a detached retina in one eye – an eye which he had already damaged in a childhood accident.

“I hope that in the next few years there will be scientific advances to restore the sight that Paul has lost.

“Fight for Sight seemed the logical choice for me.”

Fight for Sight is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to funding pioneering eye research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease.

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n To find out more about Fight for Sight, visit or call 0207 264 3900.