Runaway pigs are well and truly court!

The runaway pigs in Crookes
The runaway pigs in Crookes
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Watch out Harlem Globetrotters – there’s a surprise new team of basketball-playing pigs in town!

And the Crookes stars have got an army of fans on hand to feed and water them – and even save their bacon after residents said police threatened to shoot them if they were causing a danger to the public.

The trio of runaway pigs was herded into a lockable basketball court at the Bole Hills recreation ground in Crookes by animal-loving locals after they escaped from a private allotment nearby.

The bizarre find of the three ginger Tamworths trotting around the streets of Crookes was made by Lisa Clark, aged 34, and her neighbour in Tinker Lane.

Lisa said she put the animals in her garden initially, but they started tucking into her daffodils.

So with the help of fellow residents the pigs were herded down to the basketball court.

Lisa said: “It was a farce – absolute comedy. The residents were ushering them through the Bole Hills and there were various dogs showing a lot of interest.

“There was also a group of students on the basketball court playing football.

“The pigs were joining in!”

The police and the RSPCA were called along with Sheffield Council officials while local residents fed and watered the escapees on Wednesday night.

Matthew Rhodes, aged 44, of Northfield Road, Crookes, said he knew the pigs’ owner and tried to contact him but didn’t manage to get hold of him until yesterday morning.

He said: “Everyone was rallying around. I brought down some apples and a bag of potatoes for them.”

Another resident Carolyn Hodgson, 55, also of Northfield Road, said: “It was just so novel. It’s not something you see every day.

“Everyone was coming down to see them and I took my dog Maureen along – she is a monster with other dogs but she just adores pigs.”

Allyson Jewell, who owns Home Pet Supplies on Crookes, took along some food for the porky pets.

“I went and got some water, and some veg from the fruit and veg shop Just Natural, and took it down for them.

“It’s not something we have seen in Crookes before, but nothing surprises me with animals,” she added.

The three little pigs were collected by their owner yesterday morning – and squealed with delight as they were herded into the boot of his car, crying wee wee wee all the way home...

A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “We were contacted by residents and attended on site.

“We are investigating the matter and we are pleased the pigs have been returned to their home, safe and sound.”

South Yorkshire Police were unavailable for comment.