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I feel I must state my feelings towards the new rules concerning the carrying of mobility scooters on Sheffield Supertram .

I have been a user of Supertram for many years on my mobility scooter (class 3) and over many journeys I have never encountered any problems from any passengers or staff regarding the size of my scooter.

As I live about two miles from the nearest Supertram stop I need the class 3 scooter to give me the distance that I may travel on my trip.

The class 3 scooter has a range of around 20 miles but Sheffield being a very hilly city it is very easy to ‘run out of battery’ and only this type of scooter gives me the confidence that this will not happen.

The smaller scooter that complies with the new rules has around half the battery time of about 10 miles.

It would be a disaster to be stranded without power, as without the scooter I cannot move.

Also the class 3 scooter has a more comfortable seat and it also has suspension fitted which is better for the body. The smaller scooters do not have this.

The original Supertram in Sheffield had a far better layout for carrying wheelchairs and scooters, with passengers seated opposite on a permanent fixed seating area giving more room for everyone.

Now the wheelchair/scooter area is smaller and passengers sit on fold-down seats which have to be in the up position to give access to the wheelchair/scooter area.

This new rule will rob me and many in my position of their independence and human right to visit many parts of the city.

Supertram is the only way I and others had of visiting parts of the city like the city centre, Meadowhall, Crystal Peaks, Hillsborough, the Arena and Halfway.

I have not been able to go round Sheffield since this rule came in.

Mike Nuttall, Stradbroke Road, Richmond, Sheffield. S13