Ruled by the cosy elite?

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Are we now ruled by a cosy elite of politicians, no matter who rules in Westminster?

Corporate bosses, MPs and journalists all went to the same schools and go to the same dinner parties and even send their children to the same schools.

They all flit and float between the City, Whitehall and Westminster regardless of who’s in office.

The same people are always in power, thus creating a cosy elite.

We have a democracy in name only because the same people are always in charge who operate on behalf of a tiny elitist minority whatever the electoral outcome.

We only have to look at the corrupt cesspit of the EU and the Westminster expenses trough, which we all know about but do nothing.

Why do big business and others donate vast sums of money to political parties and take politicians and civil servants out to dinner, theatres, opera etc.?

I would suggest it is to perpetuate the privileges of the minority ruling classes.

This type of ‘democracy’ is certainly not for the working classes.

I think we all know the intent of these people when they donate vast sums to political parties and their campaigns.

It is now time to reform so-called democracy in this country.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74