'Rudi Wessely thought this deed should not go unmentioned'

Rudi WesselyRudi Wessely
Rudi Wessely
Regarding the letter, '˜'Welcome the Children'', from Alexi Dimond, which mentions the Kinder Transport, I wonder if they know that it was a schoolteacher who lived and worked in Sheffield who helped to make people of this country aware of the Kinder Transport.

The late Rudi Wessely, who lived on Montgomery Avenue, Nether Edge, was himself brought to England by the Kinder Transport scheme, just prior to war being declared, in 1939.

His parents were two of the millions who lost their lives in the Nazi concentration camps, so Rudi decided to settle in England after the war and his first teaching job was at Ecclesfield Grammar School, Sheffield.

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In 1983 , a chance conversation with a gentleman called Nicholas Winton revealed that he was the organiser of the Kinder Transport scheme, a fact that he had never revealed to anyone else, including his wife of 40 years.

Rudi Wessely thought this deed should not go unmentioned and his actions led to newspaper articles and appearances on the television programme, That’s Life.

For his humanitarian efforts, Nicholas Winton was eventually knighted, an honour that was also bestowed upon Rudi’s son, who became Sir Simon Wessely, in the 2013 New Years Honours list.

For anyone interested in knowing more about Rudi Wessely and the Kinder Transport there is an article in Issue 29, of the My Kind Of Town magazine, by Heron Publications run by Mike Firth, a former employee of the Sheffield Star.

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They can be contacted on [email protected] or tel. 01246 416027.

Mike Lawton


Get on with getting out

In reply to B Heaton, The Star, Monday, August 27, I don’t think I am ‘way off the mark’ regarding leaving the EU.

He or she states each country has its own governing body but how long before we all have to come in line with Brussels rules? They have too much say now.

As for paying for membership, we pay far too much and Brussels will keep on squeezing more money from us to prop up other members of their corrupt club. We need to take hold of our own destiny once and for all. I am not in favour of some of our so-called leaders but the Remoaners do not help by trying to stop our exit from the EU. Let’s get on with getting out and getting on with our lives.

Brenda Titterton


I’ll take my own cushion

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A few weeks before the World Snooker started at the Crucible Theatre, my nephew and I went to see the qualifiers at EIS in Sheffield.

It was our first visit, and was quite an experience to see some old legends like Jimmy White, Peter Ebdon, Graeme Dott, Matthew Stevens, Ken Doherty etc. And many young hopefuls like Elliott Slessor, Sunny Akani and Xiao Guodong.

A lady Chinese player too, (alas, she lost), and several female referees.

We had close encounters with several players, as the atmosphere was quite relaxed.

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I almost walked straight into Michael Georgiou, the Coral Shootout winner, as he chatted casually to a steward.

Several youngsters were able to collect a few autographs and have a word with the players.

The seats were a little uncomfortable for me though, I think I’ll take a cushion next time. We may well be returning next year.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11

Measly four out of 20

You owe me a slap on the wrist and I hereby hang my head in shame.

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I humbly confess that I scored a measly four out of 20 in your new Sheffield-centric Saturday quiz, despite being an avid Star reader.

So, which ones did I get right? Firstly No1, the answer being tuning fork. Having frequented many a GP’s surgery in my time, I would get that one right!

Secondly, being a music buff, I got number 14 right – Eliot Kennedy, but shame on me getting number 8 wrong, not knowing which year Michael Jackson performed at Don Valley Stadium.

Being a lover of Pete McKee’s work, I got number 9 right too.

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Finally, I got number 19 right – Brendan Ingle was a Sheffield legend, even to the likes of me who is a total ignoramus about boxing.

Needless to say, being the least athletic beast on Planet Earth, I failed miserably on all the others regarding sport.

Maybe it would have been better if I’d got none of them right, however, then I could go on Pointless.

Anyway, I won’t give up yet, and I’ll keep on exercising what’s left of those brain cells.

Here’s to more of your Saturday quizzes.

CM Langan

Sheffield, S8

A nation of super ages

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It must be the good lifestyle, as it seems we are becoming a nation of super ages.

There are plenty of those between 80 and 100 who lead active lives and they seem to be looking to the future with a telegram from the Queen.

EB Warris


Strictly Z-listers

Strictly are pulling out all the stops to get the big stars this year.

Charles Venn, (no me neither), a YouTuber worth millions and a couple of band members who used to dance in pop videos, but as they say it wasn’t really dancing, just taking part in music videos.

Not many A-listers more Z-listers this year.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Is advice recyclable?

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Thousands of Sheffield households have recently received advice regarding the new recycling and refuse collection service from Veolia.

Printed information was hung from bins explaining the new regime.

There was however no indication as to whether the plastic on which our instructions are printed is recyclable.

Jeremy Biggin


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