Rubbish on buses is a real problem

Rubbish on buses
Rubbish on buses
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What an excellent letter from Vin Malone, (The Star, August 22). I agree that the practice of eating and drinking on buses should be banned.

However, there seems to be a reluctance on the part of the bus companies to enforce the rules.

I always find myself agreeing with Vin, he is not only a witty and perceptive contributor to the Letters pages, his regular features in the Star are without exception, most interesting and thoroughly researched.

One thing that Vin didn’t mention in his letter, (and I have to admit this is my particular bete noire), is the despicable practice of people putting their feet up on the seats.

Why is this allowed?

I could go on but nothing ever changes.

What the city needs is someone with Vin Malone’s practical common sense to be given some overall power to clamp down on those low-life people.

Then maybe, just maybe, we would see a difference.

Michael Gibbins

Olivers Court

After my letter concerning rubbish left on buses, one or two people don’t seem to believe that it happens but I think these doubters do not climb to the top deck where the majority of the rubbish and litter are strewn.

Even today returning home again on the 47 from town, apple cores, a drinks can and a tissue just left on a seat, it was real and no figment of my imagination.

I must add that just yesterday, (Monday, August 24), I watched a driver at the Herdings Terminus going round his bus picking up all the discarded Metros. Well done that man.

Vin Malone

by email