RSPCA Sheffield: ‘Special’ Tyson wants to be part of a family

Tyson, a dog who is being cared for by RSPCA Sheffield and needs a new home.
Tyson, a dog who is being cared for by RSPCA Sheffield and needs a new home.
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Meet Tyson, he’s a Staffi Bull Terrier with a ‘heart of gold’ who is looking for a new family that he can embrace being part of.

The eight-year-old canine was first taken in to RSPCA Sheffield in January. Back then, he was very thin and could barely carry his own body weight when climbing the stairs.

But, after six months of love and care from RSPCA staff he is now fit and healthy.

Adam Spencer, of RSPCA Sheffield, said: “Tyson is such a special guy - he is lucky to be alive. He came to us in an appalling state, but this dog is a survivor and he has fought his way back to full health and a bright future.

“Tyson is such a pleasure to be with, he still loves people despite what he has been through and still gives us the benefit of the doubt.

“He has a heart of gold and never fails to make you smile, even on the most grey of days.

“He wants to be part of team for whatever the task may be, this is what makes the bond you build with him feel so special.”

Tyson gets on well other dogs at the centre. However as food was in short supply for him for so long, he worries about having to share is resources.

Adam added: “We wouldn’t rule out the possibility of him living with another dog, we would insist on great care around food and ensure there are places to separate the dogs if necessary, particularly during meal times.”

Tyson may be suitable to live with children as young as eight who can understand when Tyson needs his own space sometimes.

Call 0114 289 8050 if you could help Tyson.