RSPCA receive wheel boost

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WOMEN members of Dronfield Inner Wheel have raised £1,500 for the RSPCA’s Sheffield Animal Centre.

Such donations are vital to help rehabilitate and rehome unwanted and cruelly treated animals in the Sheffield area.

Kathryn Whitlam, honorary chairwoman of the RSPCA Sheffield Branch, said: “We are tremendously grateful to the Dronfield Inner Wheel for all their hard work in raising these much-needed funds.

“While we are proud to come under the remit of the RSPCA, Sheffield Animal Centre is a separate charity and as such it is fully reliant on the generosity of Sheffield people to survive.

“Without the help of organisations such as Dronfield Inner Wheel, we would not be able to continue to provide our vital service to the Sheffield area, its people and its pets. We also look forward to welcoming even more visitors to our just completed community memorial garden.”